Come swim with Giants!

January 20, 2016

Darren Jew Humpback whales swim tonga

What's your 2016 looking like? Have you got around to making a bucket list for it yet?? Taking one day at a time is generally good advice but often we can get caught up in day to day living and before we know it 10 years have passed! The goal of planning and departing on at least one adventure a year can fit into pretty much anyones working schedule and refreshes the body, soul and spirit to enjoy our day to day living that much more. Travel is a beautiful thing, in that it has a way of teaching us an appreciation of what is out there and more importantly what we have at home, it creates friendships abroad and strengthens relationships in your day to day lives as well. 

In addition, travelling not only builds relationships with other people from different countries and cultures but also can create meaningful moments and memories with nature and its inhabitants that stay with you for a lifetime! Have you ever had an interaction with nature that you just cannot explain and could never have had if you didn't leave the house..?

In August 2016 I've been fortunate to be offered a position of hosting a guided whale swim tour with Canon Australia Master and renown ocean photographer; Darren Jew, for 6 people in the clear blue waters of the Kingdom of Tonga; a beautiful island archipelago in the south pacific. Tonga; a magical and spiritually rich culture of friendly people and tropical islands is where the giant and gentle humpback whales migrate to each year to reproduce and nurture their young. After being almost hunted to extinction and numbers becoming drastically low due to inhumane whale hunting practices and fisherman that killed without conviction, Humpback whales were added to the U.S. list of endangered species in 1988, a victory for ocean conservationists. After the whaling ban took place they were able to recover and went from "endangered" to "vulnerable" in 1996. Today, we have the incredible privilege to have people like Darren offering the experience of a lifetime to meet these beautiful thriving creatures face to face, an experience that will change your life forever, and one that humankind almost extinguished from the planet!

If you are someone that is still planning your "where to go" for 2016, and are an avid ocean lover; I can only encourage you to take a further look into this incredible opportunity at

I'm so excited to have been offered this experience and be taking 6 people along for the ride. Be quick though as spots are filling up fast. All enquires can be made through

Thanks for being a part of Thurston Photo! See you in the sea!

Images taken by Darren Jew |

Swim with humpback whales tonga Darren Jew

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