Waves Of Gold

After years of searching and anticipating, waiting eagerly for that perfect alignment of elements to occur, my brother and I were out on the Jetski, a mere spec amongst one of the largest swells in history. It was dark, grey and stormy and we were hopeful for the sun to emerge through a tiny break in the weather that we could see near the horizon. We waited and waited, as the big swell tossed and turned, the water was a dark mix of rain and river runoff. Just as our hope was running low, the sun suddenly emerged, and a bright colourful rainbow arched over us as the sun illuminated the ocean all around. It was like being in a dream as we screamed and celebrated in the midst of such magic before it disappeared, never to be repeated. 

The all new "Waves Of Gold" Collection is a selection of 6 moments that occurred in that short historical moment of time. They are available as a Limited Edition print at 24"x36" (61x90cm) with only 10 of each being made available worldwide.

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