With Studio Portraiture we do not set out to alter the individuals look or make something out of them that they are not. We seek to purely exemplify the beauty in the person, accentuating the features and characteristics of their profile and bringing out the beautiful person that they are.

This all starts with first of all creating an environment that the subject can feel relaxed and themselves in, then out of that atmosphere taking that photograph that captures the personality of the person in a nutshell. It make take 10 shots or 100 shots but once we have that image then we have something to work with!

We all know throughout life stress comes and goes, blemishes appear and disappear, weight goes up, weight goes down, and that is normal for every single person on the planet, but the essence of the person is what remains constant, the look in the eyes, the smile, the laugh, the spirit. This is what we set out to capture in our shoots!


Philip Thurston, the youngest of the three Thurston brothers has over 10 years in design, photography, image grading and photoshop experience equipping him with the skills to provide you with the best possible portrait you can buy.


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