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Dear GoPro,

Firstly, thanks. Thanks for seeing a dream realised by establishing the GoPro movement and opening up a world of opportunity and media diversity to the photography enthusiast. And also thank you for taking the time to view my proposal. My name is Philip, although I'm mostly known as Burg, I'm 27 and am the youngest of the three Thurston brothers.

I currently live on the south coast of NSW, Australia, filming, shooting and documenting the ocean along our rich coastline of waves and heavy breaks. I grew up by the ocean and my lifestyle has always revolved around surfing and shooting the waves with my two brothers. Nowadays I am the media director of our families internationally established surf hardware brands Agent Eighteen Wetsuits, ID. Boards, Supers Fins and our surf shop; the Board Lounge, where I head up a lot of the photography, videography and web related/promotional work. You can read more about my life in my recently published online biography entitled: "Finding Your Purpose" where I tell my story and share my experiences over the years of life being an ocean enthusiast. 

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in the ocean, enabling me to be out there shooting in the biggest of swells that hit our coast. I have a building momentum with my surf photography and I've personally produced many short films and been a big part in the production of several feature surf films that our team has produced. See more in "Film" and "Thurston Photo".

My family and I have been and still uphold a significant influence and respect in the bodyboarding market, with the oldest; Bryce heading up all the design and administration of our companies while Glen and I consistently shoot together in the big swells that hit our coast. As a family, united we carry and promote a lot of brands in our store including stocking all the GoPro range. See our Instagram feeds for images: @glenthurston, @thurstonphoto, @boardlounge.

Brief Background

I just want to briefly share part of my story with you from my biography. I too had the dream of filming surfing in a unique and innovative way. In 2004, I established a business manufacturing underwater surf housings to water proof the popular line of DV video camcorders that were on the market. In 2005 I built to my knowledge the first, or at least one of the first camera mount systems to ride the wave with and achieve a FPV angle on a bodyboard. The idea was brilliant yet my resources and funds restricted it, but what restricted it more was my mindset. As I look back I realised I had the creative capacity but not the business drive, in which both are required for success. I was so inspired after reading Nick Woodmans story, how he started just like I did, and to see the fruit of the way he stewarded the vision is incredible. My housing business lasted for 5 years until I ended up giving in to the GoPro movement, encouraging all of my clients to sell their video camera gear and invest into a GoPro Hero, including myself.. Read the Full Story here - "Innovation".


Thurston Photo GoPro Show Reel

Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! And that is just what I did, after the end of my camera housing business I bought myself a GoPro and never looked back. Please take the time to watch the Thurston Photo GoPro showreel below..


On a part time wage, I've learnt to make the most of what I've got. Always working within a budget. My partner @morganleealain and I are both photographers and adventure enthusiasts, learning the skills of capturing a landscape in the form of video, time lapsing and Photography. Together we can offer a visual experience like no other and with some support behind us, we intend to do just that. Only we wish to utilise our skills as an asset for the GoPro image. One day soon we hope to have the financial support to create the projects that wait patiently in our dreams.

Innovate - The Rotating Boardcam

This idea is just one of the self funded concepts that I've been inspired to endeavour on, I've always dreamt of the rotating Boardcam and the GoPro system opened up the opportunity to make it happen. This was the GoPro video of the day back in Sep 2013 and is just one example of how I can see the alignment of Thurston Photo and GoPro becoming a platform for global inspiration. Read the full story here.


I built over 150 surf housings, used dozens of cameras in the water, produced many films and I am consistently producing high quality imagery both in the water and on many adventures. I have extensive experience in promoting on a professional and corporate level, I've built all my personal and company websites and I believe with my experience, skills and passion I can confidently represent the GoPro vision in the bodyboarding market and the Australian surf Culture with a high level of excellence. I'm passionate to expand my creative capacity and I hope I've given you enough of an insight into my life for you to consider Thurston Photo to be the perfect GoPro Ambassador.

What we can do for GoPro?

My brothers and I collectively have the largest influence on the bodyboarding market, our social media is of a consistent high quality and our market reach is in the tens of thousands. Bodyboarding is a rapidly progressing sport and our long standing influence in the sport will see us inspire the bodyboarding culture that a GoPro and a bodyboarder are the perfect match. Not only in bodyboarding but with photography in general, especially in surf photography, the customers and promotional avenues that we can access are I believe a real asset, acquired over many years of upholding a standard of excellence in what we do, what we create and what we stand for.

I'm super excited for 2014 and looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with such a progressive and innovative company!

Philip 'Burg' Thurston

Photographer @thurstonphoto and @burgthurston

Design @webbedhandscreative

Media Director | Agent Eighteen Facebook | @agenteighteen | ID Boards Facebook | @IDboards | Board Lounge Facebook | @boardlounge

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